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Relay PCB Board

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4 Relay PCB Board
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4 Relay PCB Board


The pcb board 4REL12V is designed in order to safely and easily distribut power to various accessories installed on a motorcycle. 

The board has a single input and four (4) relay controled outputs. 

Each output has a 7.5Amps fuse and can power a single device (or multiple devices) up to 90W. 

Each relay can be controlled in two ways. 

1) via an external switch (simple on off switch)

2) automaticaly via the main motorcycle switch. The device will turn on when the key is turned to the ON possition.


 All connections are made to screw terminals for easy installation. No need for welds!

The pcb comes with a plastic box with predrilled wire possitions to much the screw terminals and keep the cables in place. 

 You can place it under the seat near the battery. 


 The overall dimensions of the pcb enclosure are 95mm x 50mm x 40mm (LxWxH).