Windscreen GPS - Mobile Bracket

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Windscreen GPS-Mobile Bracket

25,00 €
Red Black Holder
Choose the position of your windscreen



Keep your mobile phone or GPS navigator device handy while you’re cruising with this secure holder which attaches to the windscreen of your bike. 

It is fully adjustable and can be installed only if the windscreen is at the mindle or at the upper possition. It has an 21mm steel tube. All mobile, PNA, PDA ,tablet and action cam holders can be mounted.  

It has the "v-strom" logo engraved at a position that can be seen from the front of your windscreen. 

You can combine the bracket with the mobile holder. The holder is spring loaded and will hold securely your phone or tablet (up to 6inch).  


If your windscreen is on the lower possition you will need an adapter plate in order to mount it. Please choose your windscreen position from box above. 



You can have your action cam right on the midle of your windscreen.
Easy to install, requires only 5min to install.  
The possition of the holder is the most easy to see. You never miss the road. 


Diameter of the tube clamp: 21mm 
Colour: black 
Material: steel, electrostatic poweder painted, scratch resistant.


Sunday, 04 December 2016
Πολύ καλό ποιοτικό και με εργοστασιακή εμφάνιση........
Mathioudakis Michail